Week 9

Updated: Apr 2

Submission are in, we'll hear back next week. It's been edits all this week so here we gooo...

Project 7 Edits:

Getting closer now for sure, and still love the portrait. Something I'd want to explore more in this handling. Tomer's suggested a bit more color correction, making the clouds a bit lighter and using that lighter color over the portrait to place them more believably within the same/similar shapes. With the same lighting. And, to replace the red couch with these light purple-pink clouds to looks very soft like his head is sinking into it.

Project 8 Edits:

I tried brightening the overall comp, and adding Tomer's edits of adding the lamp's light, changing the color of the goddess' skin, and some lighting changes. Below was the final Edit1.

To which we're going to remove the effect on the text "The Hours" and add a spotlight like focus onto the maid and hand, either hiding or removing the roof in the background. Not to sure yet, but that was the suggestions I got.

Project 10 Final1:

So there wasn't too much to edit for this, aside that we're going to work on blending these elements into each other more. Ei. the hair part and the wave, so its a more organic transformation rather than a collage of items. And, play with a lighter background, I'm thinking of adding some form of textile-like/surface design pattern in the back, with an overall brightening of the illustration.

This is my homework for right now, to finish these up and probably email Tomer them early. Then I want to make sure I get to edit P3 and P4, as P3 needed the addition of figure to it, and P4 needed a restructuring with the addition of a focus and better use of assets for tone. I know what I'm going to do, just haven't.


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