Week 9

So we've got our Semester Review in two days, still pumping hard. Just trying to keep up a bit, its kinda crazy that the semester if almost over. I feel like there is so much to still due, not even just with the Junior Project but all my other Finals. Definitely ready for Winter Break, so I can just keep working and hopefully get a head a bit in this project.

Up to now, you've seen Sketches 1-4. Here is the rest to-date. Sketches 5 and 6, the Final for Project 1, and the current in-progress shot for Project 2 I just submitted 20 minutes ago.


^this P1 is still undergoing some post-deadline revisions, which you'll see either in the next post or in the final line-up.

^P2 is only a WIP, as my Thesis Professor last-minute changed the deadline to a week prior - so that we would have more for Tom to review this Sunday. I'll have a bit more done, probably wont finish it by tomorrow night when I upload it to my shared drive with TW, but it'll be close so I can keep working on it Sunday.

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