Week 8

More things this week, thesis is pumping hard and I haven't even finished my first project yet (but will the day this is posted)! Not much to say, other than I'm happy with the way its starting, and how the re-structuring of my thumbnails are evolving. I think it'll be a solid series, and I hope I don't over do it nor let the type portion distract from the overall work. I've yet to work that out yet. So we will see.

Here's some more Sketches and mood boards/references of project 3-4, and a reworking sketch for Project 1. I wasn't happy with the composition, compared to 3 & 4, so I did a rough rework. Which I am using to finalize Project 1, that is due this week.

For process so far, I'm starting with heavily detailed and perspective heavy line work, filling them in so all line becomes geometric shapes. Then from there I add more shadowing, lighting, stylistic details and effects. This is the phase when I mess with color relationships and how different brushes and layer modes interact. I'm much more of an intuitive artist, as I have a general idea set out in the beginning, and once I get the foundation in I explore it as I go and develop a style that way. Not to say I don't do an insane amount of prep work, I obviously do, so I guess I just take all of it into consideration subconsciously and consciously.

But yeah thats it for now, and all of my projects are digital. Just the way it's going.


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