Week 7

So we're almost done now, two weeks till the first deadline to submit all completed projects to Tom for his review. Kinda nervous but also I just want to get everything in and just work on polishing until it's over.

Here's the progress...

This is the first final for Project 8, the main edits I have are to do some color correcting on the clouds and ship relationship. To really pull off that light, fluffy cloud vs. the hard and heavy metal of the ships. Hopefully I can convey that, as realistic color has never been a strong point.

Then this is the progress for Project 9, a bit different than usual. Not totally sure how it'll work but again, we'll figure it out as we go. Definitely went off track on this project but I don't enough know what to say anymore.

I think it's funny how my project keeps getting called ambitious, conceptually, when I think these are on the weaker side and I want to do more but I feel restricted for some reason. Hope to get back to my practice next year.


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