Week 7

Quick update of thesis work right now, I got approved on all my ideas! The only note from my prof was to lean more into the travel poster aspect of my concept, which I originally didn't as I feared it would be too citchy. But it ain't so awesome! The schedule for the rest of the semester is to now do more realized sketches every-week, so all 10 are planned, and periodically do 4 finals by the end of the 2020 year. So this week we had to do 2 sketches for Project 1 and Project 2, and next week will be for 3 and 4 - with the following week being a sketch for 5 and the final of Project 1.

So I'll drop the WIP shots here with any updates I have as I go.

Sketches for Project 1 (left) and Project 2 (right)

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