Week 6

Here is a breakdown of my general ideas for all 10 Projects, and extension of Week 5's post. I'll have some cleaner options next week.


Project Idea Descriptions:

The Picture-Perfect American Family

Interior of House - illustrate a full view cut-out (dollhouse life) with items coming forward (like a stage). Empty, no people (maybe shadows?) Can I add dino and mammoth? Dusty and dark. Almost sunset, so still some light, but heavy snow so its dark enough for a lantern. So dim gray light from outside so you can see everything (like in Macbeth drawing) - faint warm light on right from dim fireplace going out. Hardwood foors, and wallpaper on interior, with exterior red bricking

Color Palette: Medium blues & grays, with orange/red fire (a higher contrast war of mine)

Travel poster: welcome to the Antrobus house (big banner text) , the average commuter house, with 7 rooms and conveniently located hear the fire department (get quotes)

Pictured as a lux snow resort

Hunger and Desperation

Family around the Fire, with Dino and mammoth, but have them just be flat figure/silhouettes (also could be a good idea to keep all as silhouettes to fill the idea that they are all archetypes/”fill-in” allegories for a bigger mass) - but the dino and mammoth can be more realized since they don't represent anything vague (like the refugees later)

Really show off the lighting, angle, and fireplace architecture - include the mirror as reference for later with maybe the front door wide open in reflection. The fire is growing, and the house is fuller now from the first who will it attract...project 3 that's who!

Color Palette: A lot more orange, red, at higher contrast, with sharper blues as shadows, look more at the window wonder posters, have the shadow of the snow peak in? Get some nice reflections on the hardwood floors.

Travel Poster: Cozy up this winter with loved ones of all shapes and sizes! (at the diagonal, in some custom font)

Save the Human Race! Ft. Refugees

Full view of the house outside, with all the labeled refugees standing outside (outside the fence) - reference Hereditary scene. Have then be colored 2 tones figures with no faces, but give them clothes and their objects (since they are specific references to people in history and myth they can be more specific) - have light from fire bright and orange/yellow coming from within, to contrast the cold blue/whites or the snowy outside

Show an ice wall in the distance.

Color Palette: now closest to the poster with bright high contrasts. The house is dull, un-washed red brick, with the warmest and highest contrast orange, red fire coming from the house, and smoke from the chimney acts as a beacon to the refugees circling the house. All else is cold snow, all the houses are covered, with only bits peaking out, and clouds fill the sky, snow makes it harder to see, and the ice wall is seen in the distance.

The figures are highlighted by the fire light, but are dark blue/black backs.

Travel Poster: Save the human race in comfort! The Refuge (as if its the name of the house) - text display, over a blank/empty area of snow (not a banner but acting as - see old posters for ref)

Rally for President Antrobus

Very obviously be Atlantic City Boardwalk. Postcard-like angles, with a parade of actual figures and big sign of ACB and some shops, have the Antrobus family be shadows, along with Sabina (but in dress red). Entrance into new age. Draw in the people. Have Mr. and Mrs. on a big float, with children in the back, against the fence (not important - have Gladsy shadow with only the faint red stockings

Color Palette: All is oranges and yellows, bright summer day, with shadows of buildings and float being soft blues.

Travel Poster: just simple on the bottom, in a hand writing cursive, Atlantic City, NJ

Red Stockings Get a Girl Pregnant

Off the shore looking out - can tell its a beach but not specific. Weathering machine stuck in the sand, red stockings and lip stick stains on the pole. Stocking blowing in the wind - we see massive gray cloud coming for us and turning our bright oranges to grays - hurricane in distance

Color Palette: Oranges and soft blues become heavy grays and dark blues, sand is the only real orange, but very dull (has blue in it) - from massive shadow of the cloud - have the four lights glowing the same red orange as the fire in Act I

Travel Poster: Bath in Beauty! Be our Miss Atlantic City ‘42 - block text and sub in storm cloud. Pg. 57

Four Lights mean the End of the World

We’ll see ACB in the background, but we’ll be on the water. 1942 sailboat on the Atlantic, with the boardwalk in the distance. Waves are choppy, the boat is rocking, sail blowing, and rain is hard and fast. Sky is fully dark grey clouds, and we can barely see the city in the fog. The boat has the family and Sabina (all shadows, minus the red stockings and dress on G and S), and the animals are drawn the same way the Dino and Mammoth were in Project 2). The sky is still lit, just dark and grey (look up storm and hurricane day scenes).

Color Palette: All is dark greys, and blue. Only warm orange is the boat hull (dull and brownish), and the lantern Mr. A (shadow) is holding up at the front of the boat.

Travel Poster: (title) Sail the Ark (subtitle) with President Antrobus. Sailing poster of the family and all animals on the biblical reference of Noa’s Ark - actually a sailboat trying to avoid the flood.

Post-War: Rebuilding Society and the Home (need to think more)

Post-war, Show the house again in similar style to Project 1, but as a ¾ view cut-out so you can see the outside a bit again - fence broken down, no grass, dino bones and mammoth tusks in dirt, neighboring buildings destroyed and background destroyed and still on fire with fire smoke in back air. We can see into the cellar, hatch open and rug rolled up, house all twisted/tilted, furniture missing and moved (have some furniture and walls floating in their off-positions (this is the start of the trippy section - house is starting to breakdown) - no figures only objects (baby counts as an object) just like Project 1

Color Palette: Back to palette closer to Project 1-3 (like war of mine), very dark greys, and dull blues, with orange-reds for fire, and lanterns (fireplace full of debris so not working)

Travel Poster: Excelsior, NJ. “It’s good to be home” (subtitle) - in style of a war poster, bottom banner

“Are We Worth Saving?,” asks Cain.

House is breaking down in Cain’s mind/dream world - full of anger and violence. Do silhouette/shadow of his head, with his mark of Cain glowing like a sun, with a war battlefield (referencing Cain and George’s time at war) and have G and Cain as shadow (C has his mark), with G in the back, C more frontline/leading the troops. Have soldiers be drawn like the Refugees and Parade people, but the dead ones be semi-transparent. Fire and war and violence. The sky within his head is red from smoke and fire (look at cali fire photos) (8A front facing - 8B have side profile like sleeping and text is curved for better composition in script stars)

Color Palette: Darkest like war of mine, with fire and smoke shaping scene. All are dark greys and blues, with orange-red from fire, gunshots, and sky (the Cain mark sun thing will be orange/yellow and white). Outside the head is black with soft clouds (to show dream)

Travel Poster: We make Dreams Reality. (title) script dreamy

Hours turn back the Clock

Dream world with house and family fading, and the hours (bring in the goddesses drawn like the Refugees in Project 3) being the light of this work, each holds an orb with the roman numeral of their hour as a “star orb” glowing (the number is white inside the glass orb). A soft orange and yellow. Everything else is soft to vibrant blues fading into space/night sky background. More clouds than the previous one. (9B)

(9A) have the family just disappearing (heads least transparent), with only the floor of the house cross section. We see grass fill the remaining space. The Hours are just the 5 orbs floating in between - as if 5 star rating - with text in clouds on top

Color Palette: all greys and blues, but dull like it's night time and being lit by the moon, but soft orange yellow like. Reference macbeth reference, but a bit lighter on building so we can see it all fade. All stars and constellations of 1942 summer.

Travel Poster: Come back for another Round! (title block) By the Hours (subtitle script)

The cycle begins anew, with a new view.

Reflection of the house from Project 1 in the mirror above the fireplace, we see Sabina’s (drawn as a person and not a shadow this time) looking out the big windows. Mirror is

gold framed, above fireplace mantle (we see a sewing needle on it) and carvings in wall (from needle - so look up how needles scratch wallpaper) marking the wall with talleys (to mark off each time the play completes a cycle)

Color Palette: same colors as Project 1, with things within the mirror being cool, and the mirror wall itself is warm (fire underneath so we see light from it both on the mirror and in the room in the reflection)

Travel Poster: Welcome to the Antrobus house! (title) (subtitle) we’re glad you made it back.

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