Week 5

I started planning my thesis this week, for Pictoral we had to do 20 sketches (2 Sketches each for 10 Projects). I'm doing them as environment-focused travel posters.

For each project, these are the 10 "titles" for each - a breakdown of 10 major parts of the story.

  1. The Picture-Perfect American Family

  2. Hunger and Desperation

  3. Save the Human Race! Ft. Refugees

  4. Rally for President Antrobus

  5. Red Stockings Get a Girl Pregnant

  6. Four Lights mean the End of the World

  7. Post-War: Rebuilding Society and the Home

  8. “Are We Worth Saving?,” asks Cain.

  9. Hours turn back the Clock

  10. The cycle begins anew, with a new view.

Here are my sketches! Very messy but they'll be changing so many times so it was really just an exercise to get the ideas down to start. Sketches with "A"'s are the first set, and "B"'s are the second set.

Here are all 20 sketches together (in 1-10 order):

Here is Set A:

And, here is Set B:

I'll be doing a cleaner sketch for the first two projects next week, so that should be cool to see!

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