Week 4

I finally wrote my Thesis Pitch today, and will have my meeting with my Pictoral professor, Tomer Hanuka, within the hour. I'll probably hold on posting this until after we talk, and add any notes then to this post. Who knows.

So, since the last entry a bit has changed - and thats mainly been due to TW's Thesis video being sent out earlier this week. I'm definitely still a bit confused, but getting a step by step walkthrough with some examples of previous years cleared up some questions I had about the visuals. Like, how far we can go off the text in our interpretation, and how the project should be used as a time to explore something we're interested in.

I came up with an idea of doing these modern styled, retro "travel" postcards - that in concept would have been sent from the 1940's family in The Skin of Our Teeth, to the present. Journaling their life and experiences. I like exploring alternative ways of displaying works, especially collection, sort-of giving them a purpose other than a digital illustration to be viewed on a screen or as a print-out. I experimented with that idea alot during High School, and a bit more in my Freshman year at SVA, but have taken the primarily digital route so it makes it a bit more challenging to do fun showcasing displays (even more now that we're all online).

So with this new idea, and after the video from our chair, TW, I think I'd rather scrap that previous idea I had about adapting this story to being about the past four years with media and fake news. As that would probably alter the narrative, and not be what the project is for - or at least not how I think I want to tackle it anymore. Too big of a weight to be taking on, also an overdone one at that now... I plan now to just focus on illustrating densely detailed environments, portraying both interiors and exteriors (possibly together in one - to play on this weird mix of realities and self-awareness the play and characters have).

Less on the actual characters of the play, and the world and events that the family exist in and are reacting to. Thus, using it to also depict how the characters behave with one another throughout the play, with lighting and composition being my main concerns, so-to-say. We'll see how it goes, probably will change as the next few weeks go. With drafting, crits, and starting the first project. Reading the book this week will help.

I'll drop some more image references, sketches and drafts here next few weeks as my entries.

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