Week 3

I took s well needed break this past week, though now I'm a bit further behind than I was originally... I'll catch up I just need to get there.

That being said, I did complete P6 and am currently working on P7. Ideally, I'll have P8 at least lined and moving by next class. Still 1 project behind though, so as long as I keep it up I definitely can complete it all in time.

Here is P6.

Tomer was nice enough to give me feedback, even though I wasn't present during the actual class, so I do have some minor edits for this one at some point. Mainly to do with color tints, and adding more textures to the water. So definitely something on the list.

He also gave me some pointers for P7, as I was able to show him the rough sketch last week, which is below.

He suggested shifting the placement of the horizon line, to screw the scale. So, this is what I have so far for P7. I'll be posting the final version of this next week, hopefully with P8 too.

Obviously, already a lot better. Now, I'm already wavering on this one, my attention spans really getting worse and worse this year, so it's a struggle to really get these done. But, I feel like this will be one of the better pieces of the series. If I can get it done as I'm envisioning it, though the line work is already promising. So we'll see.


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