Week 2

I don't have too much to report this week, as I didn't make too much process on thesis. All my other classes have heafty demands, along with other personal issues that popped up, I had no time to work on my project. But I do have some Work-In-Progress shots that I went over in class last Friday with Tomer about...

So just a sneak peak at what I'll have finished by end of this weekend, and be emailing to Tomer, my professor, once completed. I think, since Tom's notes last November I've been so unsure on what each project actually is now and I just haven't gotten to do a replan in advance. So, I think each week is just going to be me figuring out how to take my approved ideas, and pushing them conceptually and to final for each class. Which is slowing the process down...but I know I'll get it all done by the deadline, and the allotted Revision time (which Tomer's set aside 3 weeks for) with definitely be a big help with going back on P4 and others.

P4 I still think is the weakest and I will probably crop it and re-do it, now that I know more of the idea I'm going for. P5, which I did over break, was the right direction. I'm still just trying to figure out that I'm doing, I'm so unattached from the project now though...but I don't need to love it to do it, and do it well. It's just changed so much from what I originally wanted and planned, that I'm still conflicted, but I don't have the time nor is it worth the energy in my opinion to fret over it anymore. I just want my Junior year to finish, I want my thesis to be great, and I want to do more of my interests next year for portfolio. Which I hope it allows.

I will say, the thesis is helping me really develop more of the style I'm pushing to explore and turn into my own, as I did one piece in this style end of Spring 2020 and I fell in love. I knew that was what I wanted to do and do really well. It's this image...

So I am glad that I'm able to explore this more, I think it's just the disinterest in not necessarily the content, but the concept of the pieces now that I think I did to myself. I really like the book I chose still, and think it's interesting, but I locked myself into a color palette and tone I'm not in-love with and I wish I look it further. But it's all part of it.

Thanks it for this week, I'll have two finish projects next post, P6 and P7.

We're almost done. Wooo!


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