Week 12-14

Now that thesis is done I've just been trying to catch up with the rest of my classes, with one week left. I've gotten accepted into the final thesis show, which opens on April 27th. That's made this outstretched experience somewhat worth something now. Like I was doing it for a purpose more than just doing it now. So I feel ok. I still don't love my thesis, I think it was a direction I got to explore and learn from - but now I just want to do not that. I want to do the exact opposite, and just do it right. I'm still figuring out this whole "style" concept, as we discussed today. I'm not looking to conform to one, but I want to hone what I have better and cleaner. I think I'm still 60-75% there in terms of the majority of my work, with a few popping out in the 80%-95% range which is what I want to gravitate towards more now. So that'll be my goal for next year, as a Senior, but with less pressure. I was too focused on the technical aspect this year, and I was to create conceptually outrageous work and let the technical just flow.

Let's see how it goes.


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