Week 12

Being that this is the final blog post for the Fall 2020 semester, I'll keep this short and sweet.

The thesis status is thus ... I have three full projects completed, with notes to go back into 2 of them to push them further. I have just start Project 4, and need to get it done by end of this week. And all 10 projects have been sketched out and discussed with my Pictoral prof, Tomer Hanuka.

That being said, last week we went over Tom's notes about the current progress of our projects, as an end-of-term review. Overall they were positive, but pushed for more character/figure representation. Which, from seeing my previous works, they do not contain any figures and are entirely environmental and prop-based. Which is what I'd like to keep doing.

So, after some conversations with Tomer, and an email thread with Tom going into what he meant by his notes (as they were 3-4 short bullet points that deserved explaination) - I have a more set idea on the direction of the thesis. Originally, I had already planned to progressively add representations of characters and push more towards dreamscapes compared to the traditional travel poster art that is in alot of my references. But, from these disscussions, I'm now going to try to take it even further.

Meaning that instead of doing P4 this week, I had to brainstorm how I could adapt the pre-planned ideas for Projects 4-10 while going to that next level within surrealism and dimensional relationships. Which I think is funny that this was what Tom's notes where. Typically in my work, my concepts go so far but I easily get carried away and the technical aspects "suffer" for it; but in this case, Tom and Tomer both love my work and think they're coming out beautifully (which, yeah, I'm very happy as this is some of the most polished illustrations I've done) but now they just want me to get wacky with it. So its kind of ironic that this flip in thought and process happened, probably due to the stress and concern to create the "best art ever" that I was focusing all my energy into quality on a technical aspect, that I just fell short on the conceptual part.

Tomer's also been complimenting my compositions weekly, and perspective, which are usually the two things I suck at, haha. So I think I've done a full 180*

But it's coming along well, and I hope Tomer has some solid feedback this week about my new concepts. I plan to go back and edit this semesters projects during break, alone with fully finalizing Project 5, and hopefully 6 (if not enough time, at least getting the linework and base colors laid out would be epic. Then, I can finish P6 during the first week, and be ahead so I can have time to go back and tidy.

But that's that. Nothing special to share visually, that being why I wrote so much. Hope this has been interesting.

Enjoy your winter break and holiday if you celebrate.


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