HMD-3055-L: Week 1

Week 1 into the Spring Semester, and we are already getting stressed out a bit by these next few months!

As I think I've mentioned in previous posts, after my conversations with T Woodruff this past Fall, I had to make some changes moving forward into my Thesis Projects. It wasn't that I had to restart, as everything I've done is good/approved and the concept has been praised...but the issue was the "safeness" of the first few rounds of ideas. Which I agree, but wish it happened sooner. Since now, and my prof Tomer Hanuka acknowledged it, each project is kinda a mystery on what they'll actually turn out to be. The ideas are there, and Phase 1/2 sketches are done and approved, but I'll def be changing them as I go. It's all to bring it to a higher level, which is something I think I'm strong in - I'm just still stressing getting the quality to be top-tier and consistent. Though, Tomer doesn't seem to think that should be a concern? That I shouldn't limit myself just to fit within this pre-assumed idea of the overall Thesis collection, as that's not what the project is about. It's about discovering the process and going through it. Which, I understand, but I like to plan ahead and having these things now being very left to the "last-minute," in a sense, is driving me a bit crazy.

I'm already not in-love with this project, as a whole, which is kind of upsetting? But I'm also kinda treating it just as a job, and less of me just making like I usually do in classes. Meaning, I use the assignments to experiment and better practice my interests. In comparison, this Thesis is feeling more and more like an appeal to a specific standard - a standard that wasn't made clear in the beginning - but I'm over it in the least dramatic way I can say. I just want this year to end, and the thesis to be done, and hopefully be in-person for my Senior year and I can just make what I'm more passionate about and take the classes that got cut this year.

That being said, I did do some work over the Winter Break, and some planning this week for moving forward. As of right now, I've fully finalized P1, which needed typography edits, and P2 with needed some lighting fixes and object additions. In addition, I completed P5 for Week 1's class. This project, no matter how I really feel about it, is closer to the direction that I'm being pushed to take. So we'll see how it goes.


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