Zoe Stengel

The Roadmap

52 weeks. 52 Artists. Each week a new artist will design an original OTD NFT for 7 days. Dropping daily, each NFT will give the community a chance to OWN THE DAY as well as support a talented artist. Owning a NFT grants access to an exclusive Discord channel to connect community members with each other and their favorite OTD artist.

  • launch of exclusive OTD merch for all NFT owners

  • end of year art showcase featuring all 52 artists

  • 10% of all initial sales gets donated to a charity of each artists’s choice

  • when new NFT’s including past dates (0/0/0 - 12/31/2021) become available, OTD holders will be whitelisted for the drops

The Mission

Own The Day is not just a phrase, it is a way of life.

It is a recognition that we all only have one life and that every day is as sacred as the next.

Each OTD NFT is an expression of this ethos; a scarce token symbolizing the scarcity of the time we have on this earth.

Created by a new artist every week, each NFT is an opportunity to not only be apart of a community of like-minded individuals but to also virtually show that you own a given day.


NFT Collab Project

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