Interested in Working Together, Ordering a Commission, or getting some Custom Apparel?


  • You, the client, sends me, the artist, an inquiry email about the project. 

  • We discuss all details about the project, (including photo references, timeline/deadline, medium, sizing, etc.) 

  • I'll supply an estimate, we agree on a price, and sign any documents either party deems necessary.

  • You will pay 50% of the agreed price to the artist before any creative work is started. 

  • Payment methods vary. Venmo, Paypal, Zelle are accepted. Artist will email you an invoice for convenience.

  • I will create 2-3 sketches, industry-standard, for your review. 

  • We choose the best option and discuss any changes that need to be made during production.

  • We agree, and I begin working on the final within the pre-determined timeframe.

  • Once completed, I will send you a lower quality copy to review and go over any last-minute changes.*

  • Client pays the remaining 50% balance, I will send a final invoice.

  • Then I will email you the HQ JPEG Files, and the Final Workable Files (PSD, AI, TIF, etc.) if needed.**

All commissions have the opportunity to be displayed here, in my Portfolio, and on my Social Media! Let me know if you're interested, though I'll probably ask you after I finish the project.


Contact me below if you're interested, and remember...the more detailed the client is about their project during Phase 1 of the discussion, the quicker I can start production!



Inquiries, Quotes, and Questions go here!

Expect a response within 24 hours.

FAQ Below.


*Big enough changes to the final work will result in a price increase, up to discussion.

**Workable Files will only be sent for promotional/commercial use works unless discussed at the initial inquiry.

For physical works, such as paintings/drawing/custom shoes or clothing...all shipping & handling costs will be added to the final price. Shipping 1-2 Days after completion and all payments are received.

For clothing and shoes, the artist will accept pre-purchased accessories for customized but requests that the client cleans the article prior to shipping it to the artist. Otherwise, an additional cleaning fee will be added to the final pricing. And clients are welcome to pay for and supply shipping labels to reduce costs fo services.