The Skin of Our Teeth, by Thornton Wilder (1942) 

A Pulitzer Prize-winning play, following the Antrobus families journey through three key events; the Ice Age, the Great Flood, and an Apocalyptic War. Wilder's characters are structured around five recognizable archetypes, as a representation of humankinds persistence and resilience - an optimistic perspective during the end of WWII. 

Stengel expands on Wilder's use of setting and stage direction by experimenting with environmental storytelling throughout her series of works. The following collection is visually separated into three locations, mirroring the structure of the three-part play.

All in the Family

2020 - 2021

All in the Family, exhibited at the SVA Online Gallery (2021), judged by Anelle Miller, Executive Director, Society of Illustrators.

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