Zoe Stengel

The Concept

Stengel expanded on the direction of the play through the use of environmental storytelling, rather than the use of generalized character archetypes. 

Via the frame of vintage travel posters, the All in the Family series showcases the different sets and scenes that the play illustrates. By highlighting three key locations, each environment is drastically shifted throughout the three-part play.

The Source

The Skin of Our Teeth, by Thornton Wilder (1942) illustrates the story of the Antrobus family during three major worldly events; an Ice Age, a Great Flood, and an Apocalyptic War.


Each of the five main characters contains different archetypes, representing greater character types that far exceed themselves as individuals. As these characters experience these archetypal events, they as Wilder’s representation of human persistence and resilience.


Irony. Chaos. Idealization.

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